Gong’s Office Design Blueprint

When moving to a new office, Gong’s Office Design Blueprint provides end-to-end guidance for creating an intuitive, energizing environment tailored to your team’s needs.

Through a strategic 4-step process, Gong unlocks the full potential of your new office layout and furniture arrangements.

First, he conducts an in-depth site evaluation, analyzing critical dimensions, natural lighting, and energy dynamics.

Next, Gong creates a custom hand-drawn floorplan optimized for collaboration and productivity based on his measurements and spacial/feng shui insights.

Gong handles all the heavy lifting – surveying your space, sketching layouts, and specifying furniture.

He distills his expertise into an actionable office design blueprint.

He then emails you a report complete with hand-drawn furniture placement sketches and recommendations.

The result is a workspace masterfully adapted to enhance your team’s comfort, focus and efficiency.

With Gong’s keen eye for detail and office flow, you can finally translate your workspace vision into reality.

By the way, Gong provides this service worth upwards of $2,035 completely FREE.

Here’s the breakdown of the value you’re getting:

  • Site Evaluation and Measurements $397

    Gong will thoroughly evaluate your existing office, analyzing critical details like:

     • Door and window placements
     • Available natural lighting
     • Electrical outlet positioning
     • Exact room dimensions

    With precision measurements in hand, Gong can optimize usage of every inch of your current space for enhanced flow and functionality.

  • Energy Flow Consultation $347

    Using his spacial awareness and expertise, Gong will assess the energy dynamics within your office environment. This includes:

     • Observing natural traffic patterns
     • Identifying interactions between teammates
     • Preempting any pain points or bottlenecks

    Gong will provide custom recommendations to improve energy flow, collaboration, and workplace harmony through intelligent office layout.

  • Custom Floorplan Sketch $497

    Gong will sketch out a tailored floorplanblueprint catered to your office's unique needs, including:

     • Desk and cabinet placement
     • Doors, hallways, and common areas
     • Reception and meeting room layouts
     • Precise dimensions and spacing

    His hand-drawn floorplans efficiently optimize every inch while maintaining an organic feeling that 3D models envy.

  • Executive Summary and Recommendations $397

    Gong will summarize key details, recommendations, and next steps in a comprehensive email, including:

     • Measurements
     • Floorplan sketch
     • Suggested furniture placement
     • Feng shui insights

    This consolidated takeaway ensures you get maximum value from the process.

  • Total Value $2,035
  • Your Cost FREE

This is what passion for ergonomics and workplace comfort looks like.

Due to the tremendous value and time Gong puts into the service, this offer is limited to three clients per month.

To apply, contact WorkSpace today.

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If you prefer, call WorkSpace at: (831) 462-2334.

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