Ergonomic Office Refresh

Is your office layout causing chaos? Are your chairs leaving employees exhausted?

An ergonomic refresh by WorkSpace re-energizes your workspace so your team can thrive.

Our founder Gong meticulously measures and surveys your existing space, then consults with you to create a plan for optimal comfort and flow.

We’ll deliver and install customized ergonomic furniture, transforming your office into an inviting, collaboration-friendly zone with privacy when needed.

The result? A fresh layout with pieces designed for your bodies and tasks, reducing physical and mental fatigue. Your refreshed office will become the productive hub you’ve envisioned.

And the best part? Gong provides these services at no extra cost when you order furniture through WorkSpace!

Make an Appointment

Please book an appointment using the calendar below. An appointment ensures the showroom is open when you arrive and Gong is available.

If you prefer, call WorkSpace at: (831) 462-2334.

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