Sit/Stand & Adjustable Height Desks

Take a Stand to Reduce Sit-Fatigue

In ancient times, humans spent the majority of their day moving about.

Sitting for too long can result in pressure on sensitive areas of your body, which become fatigued by the unnatural stress placed on them.

If your job requires you to work at a desk for eight hours, it might seem like there is no way out of this discomfort.

But there is! The pressure of sitting too long can be relieved by investing in a good sit/stand desk.

WorkSpace works with American manufacturers.

Experience high-quality, reasonably priced sit/stand and adjustable height desks that are built to last at WorkSpace.

Make an Appointment

Please book an appointment using the calendar below. An appointment ensures the showroom is open when you arrive and Gong is available.

If you prefer, call WorkSpace at: (831) 462-2334.

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